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Computing an Internet checksum

Consider the two 16-bit words (shown in binary) below. Recall that to compute the Internet checksum of a set of 16-bit words, we compute the one's complement sum [1] of the two words. That is, we add the two numbers together, making sure that any carry into the 17th bit of this initial sum is added back into the 1's place of the resulting sum); we then take the one's complement of the result. Compute the Internet checksum value for these two 16-bit words:

   11100010   10000000      this binary number is 57984 decimal (base 10)

   01011111   11110111      this binary number is 24567 decimal (base 10)

Question List

1. What is the sum of these two 16 bit numbers? Don't put any spaces in your answer

2. Using the sum from question 1, what is the checksum? Don't put any spaces in your answer


1. The sum of 11100010 10000000 and 01011111 11110111 = 01000010   01111000

2. The internet checksum is the one's complement of the sum: 01000010   01111000 = 10111101   10000111

That's incorrect

That's correct

The answer was: 01000010   01111000

Question 1 of 2

The answer was: 10111101   10000111

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