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Jim and Keith have each been teaching computer networking for more than 30 years each (OK, we're getting old but we've always loved to teach and still do!), during which time we have taught many thousands of students. We have also been active researchers in computer networking during this time. (In fact, Jim and Keith first met each other as master’s students in a computer networking course taught by Mischa Schwartz in 1979 at Columbia University.) We think all this gives us a good perspective on where networking has been and where it is likely to go in the future. Nevertheless, we have resisted temptations to bias the material in this book towards our own pet research projects. Thus, this book is about modern computer networking—it is about contemporary protocols and technologies as well as the underlying principles behind these protocols and technologies. We also believe that learning (and teaching!) about networking can be fun. A sense of humor, use of analogies, and real-world examples hopefully makes our book more accessible and more fun.

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Jim Kurose Keith Ross
Jim Kurose Keith Ross

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