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Below you'll find the Powerpoint slides that accompany the 8th edition of our textbook. There are more than 800 slides, covering each chapter and subsection of the book. These slides were extensively updated in the Spring of 2020 with content updates to match them with the 8th edition, with many more animations throughout, a common "look and feel" throughout, and a 16:9 aspect ratio for modern projectors.

A note on the use of these ppt slides. We're making these slides freely available to all (faculty, students, readers). They're in Powerpoint form so you see the animations; and can add, modify, and delete slides and slide content to suit your needs. They obviously represent a lot of work (over more than 20 years!) on our part. In return for use, we only ask the following:

Thanks and enjoy!

Chapter 8th edition (16:9 aspect ratio) 7th edition (4:3 aspect ratio)
Chapter 1: Introduction V8.2 (7/2023) V7.1 (7/2016)
Chapter 2: Application Layer V8.2 (9/2023) V7.1 (7/2016)
Chapter 3: Transport Layer V8.2 (7/2023) V7.1 (7/2016)
Chapter 4: Network Data Plane V8.2 (7/2023) V7.1 (7/2016)
Chapter 5: Network Control Plane V8.2 (7/2023) V7.1 (7/2016)
Chapter 6: Link Layer and LANs V8.2 (7/2023) V7.1 (7/2016)
Chapter 7: Wireless and Mobile Networks V8.2 (7/2023) V7.0 (6/2016)
Chapter 8: Network Security V8.1 (2/2023) V7.0 (6/2016)
Chapter 9: Multimedia Networking moved to Ch2, Ch4, and archives; V7.0 (6/2016)

The 6th edition version of our Powerpoint slides, which are no longer being maintained, are here.

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