Learning Management System (LMS) Questions

With the near universal switch to strictly online teaching in 2020/21 (including computer networking classes), there's been tremendous interest in using LMSs for student review, low-stakes knowledge checks, homeworks, quizzes and exams. And of course, faculty (including us) have never really enjoyed grading. We hear you!

Here you'll find LMS packages to accompany the 8th edition of our textbook, that can be used on Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle (we've tried the packages out with all three LMSs; they've been used in D2L as well). There are three types of packages:

These LMS packages are available for download here. These LMS packages are only available to faculty (if you're a student, check out the interactive questions and the videos and knowledge check questions that are open to all). If you're a faculty member who would like to access the LMS packages, contact one of the authors at kurose@cs.umass.edu.

Comments and questions always welcome: kurose@cs.umass.edu

We gratefully acknowledge the programming and problem design work of John Broderick (UMass '21), which has really helped to substantially improve this site.

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