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The links below will take you to knowledge checks where you'll be presented with a set of questions relating to material covered in the Chapter per section.

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Chapter 1: Introduction
  1. What is the Internet?
  2. The Network Edge
  3. The Network Core
  4. Performance: Delay, Loss and Throughput in Computer Networks
  5. Protocol layers and Their Service Models
  6. Networks under attack
  7. History of Computer Networking; Chapter 1 Summary
  8. The Internet Today
Chapter 2: Application Layer
  1. Principles of Network Applications
  2. The Web and HTTP
  3. Email
  4. The Domain Name Service: DNS
  5. Peer-to-Peer File Distribution
  6. Video Streaming and Content Distribution Networks
  7. Socket Programming: Creating Network Applications
Chapter 3: Transport Layer
  1. Introduction and Transport-layer Services
  2. Multiplexing and Demultiplexing
  3. Connectionless Transport: UDP
  4. Principles of Reliable Data Transfer
  5. Connection-oriented Transport: TCP
  6. Principles of Congestion Control
  7. TCP Congestion Control
  8. Evolution of Transport Layer Functionality
  9. Summary
Chapter 4: Network Layer: Data Plane
  1. Network Layer Overview
  2. Whats Inside a Router?
  3. The Internet Protocol
  4. Generalized Forwarding
  5. Middleboxes and Summary
Chapter 5: Network Layer: Control Plane
  1. Introduction to the Network-layer control plane
  2. Routing Algorithms
  3. Intra-AS Routing in the Internet: OSPF
  4. Routing Among the ISPs: BGP
  5. The SDN Control Plane
  6. ICMP: The Internet Control Message Protocol
  7. Network Management and SNMP, NETCONF/YANG
Chapter 6: Link Layer
  1. Introduction to the Link Layer
  2. Error-Detection and -Correction Techniques
  3. Multiple Access Links and Protocols
  4. Switched Local Area Networks
  5. Link Virtualization: A Network as a Link Layer
  6. Data Center Networking
  7. Retrospective: A Day in the Life of a Web Page Request
Chapter 7: Wireless and Mobile Networks
  1. Introduction
  2. Wireless Links and Network Characteristics
  3. WiFi: 802.11 Wireless LANs
  4. Cellular Networks: 4G and 5G
  5. Mobility Management: Principles
  6. Mobility Management in Practice
  7. Wireless and Mobility: Impact on Higher-Layer Protocols
Chapter 8: Network Security

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